Shady Shores Beach Resort


Meeting up with wildlife. What to do?

We all love to wonder the forests, some like to take off on their own hikes and others like to stick to a well known trail system.

I have done both, and the one thing that concerns me the most …

Fishing Vancouver Island Updates

Recently, the BC government has put restrictions on salmon fishing due to the decline in our resident Killer whale population. The latest estimates put the total population of southern resident killer whales at 76.

We have two species of killer …

Herring Season

All the years that I have lived on the island, the one time of year that always amazes me is the herring run. Have you ever seen a herring ball?

 This particular picture shows atlantic herring but they are very

Whales and Dolphins



Seeing the Killer Whales is always an awesome event, they are so majestic but did you know we also have many species of whales in the area such as Minke Whale, Humpback and Gray Whale. Also, many porpoise including …