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Herring Season

All the years that I have lived on the island, the one time of year that always amazes me is the herring run. Have you ever seen a herring ball?  This particular picture shows atlantic herring but they are very similar to our pacific herring. They ball up like this as...

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Whales and Dolphins

     Seeing the Killer Whales is always an awesome event, they are so majestic but did you know we also have many species of whales in the area such as Minke Whale, Humpback and Gray Whale. Also, many porpoise including the Dall's and Harbour plus the Pacific...

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Elk Falls

Looking for an awesome adventure that is only a short drive away? The Elk Falls and suspension bridge is an incredible day adventure.  Driving directions from Shady Shores Beach Resort are here.     

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Happy New Year

A new year is upon us and hopefully filled with joy for all. The biggest event in the area was the Polar Bear Swim and maybe recovering from too much New Year's Eve celebratory refreshments. Do you ever wonder who started the Polar Bear Swim in the first place and...

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