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Fishing Vancouver Island Updates

Recently, the BC government has put restrictions on salmon fishing due to the decline in our resident Killer whale population. The latest estimates put the total population of southern resident killer whales at 76.

We have two species of killer …

Farmer’s Markets – Visit them all!!

Farmer’s Markets in the mid island bursting with local edibles, baked goods and local produce. It’s a great way to spend your time and know that you are coming home with the best the area has to offer. What could …

Special Occasions

Are you planning a beach wedding this year? Or what about an anniversary to renew your vows? Family Reunions? The Shady Shores Beach Resort is a must book for any beach weddings and family reunions. Don’t forget to check out …

Herring Season

All the years that I have lived on the island, the one time of year that always amazes me is the herring run. Have you ever seen a herring ball?

 This particular picture shows atlantic herring but they are very